Why Join Us

We’re very proud of our dedicated team at the Cabbagetown Pet Clinic in Toronto, Ontario. The skill sets are wide-ranging, the knowledge deep, and our sum is greater than our parts. The Cabbagetown Pet Clinic has been a fixture in the historic east Toronto Cabbagetown neighbourhood for 35 years. In August of 2008, Dr. Jennifer Day purchased the practice and has steadily built it into what it is today – a modern, efficient, and compassionate animal hospital, serving pet lovers in one of Toronto’s most unique neighbourhoods. We’re excited to have new team members join our team of veterinarians, registered veterinary technicians and client service technicians. 

Cabbagetown’s name is reclaimed from British residents who scorned Irish families fleeing famine that grew cabbages in their gardens. Now, it is one of the city’s most recognizable communities, with its Victorian buildings, rich in architectural history and beauty. Our neighbourhood prides itself on a strong sense of togetherness and support, which has been integral to the success of our clinic. One of the many benefits of Cabbagetown is its walkability, with no shortage of mom-and-pop shops and restaurants to support the local community. We highly recommend joining us in September for our Cabbagetown Fall Festival to celebrate all things Cabbagetown, from a parade to a collective yard sale. We can’t wait for you to be the newest member of our community! 

How to Join Us

For Veterinarian, Vet Student programs, and Veterinary Technician/Technologist opportunities, click the link below:

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For all other positions at our hospital (Client Care Representative/Receptionist, Animal Care Assistant, Kennel Attendant, Vet Assistant/Tech Assistant), email your resume to