Veterinary Exam

During vet exams, we assess pets to offer tailored recommendations aimed at improving their health.

Dogs/cats are notorious for hiding any signs of illness or pain. Even though you assume your dog or cat is perfectly healthy, veterinary exams are the best way to ensure they are. In addition, veterinary exams are the perfect time to get trusted advice about any issues or concerns you have about your health. 

What can I expect during a veterinary exam?

The main goal of a veterinary exam is to stay up to date on your dog or cat’s health. Veterinary exams typically include physical exams, where we assess them from nose to tail. Every year we detect many disease processes in apparently ‘normal’ dogs and cats. The results help us address problems in the early stages. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatments can result in your dog or cat living a longer healthier life. Since you know your dog or cat best, you can also expect to answer questions about the following, which helps inform their care:

  • Diet
  • Hydration level
  • Bowel movement
  • Exercise
  • Daily routines

Do I need to prepare my cat/dog before their appointment?

Veterinary exams don’t require any extra preparations. However, it is helpful if you have some basic information about your dog/cat handy, like the name of their pet food or any supplements or medications they’re currently taking. The most important thing is ensuring you’re scheduling regular veterinary exams, based on your dog/cat’s life stage. For example, adult dogs/cats should have appointments once per year, but seniors should visit us at least twice per year. To book your dog/cat’s next appointment, please contact us at 416-928-6761.

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