Weight Management for Pets

Weight management is a safe and effective way to help your loyal companion shed extra pounds.

Though a few extra rolls could seem harmless, they can have serious consequences for your dog or cat’s health. Weight management is more than supporting your dog/cat to achieve a healthy weight. Our weight management plans help you address behaviours or habits that could make them more susceptible to weight gain.

Is obesity common in dogs/cats?

Obesity is more common than you think! Over the past few years, obesity has become more prevalent. This has altered people’s perception of what a healthy weight looks like. A healthy weight is more than aesthetics. We use metrics like their weight along with their body composition, breed and overall health to determine a healthy weight. This information helps shape a weight management plan, which includes strategies we’ll use along with you to support your dog or cat’s weight loss. If you are concerned about your dog or cat’s weight, please contact us at 416-928-6761.

How does excess weight impact my cat/dog’s health?

Excess weight can create a range of complications for your dog or cat. Especially as they age and their bodies begin to slow down, obesity can predispose them to health issues like arthritis, cancer, diabetes, kidney failure and more. In some cases, weight loss can be a matter of life and death for your dog or cat.

What strategies support weight loss?

In some ways, weight management is like retraining your dog/cat to have a healthier relationship with food. Based on your dog or cat’s lifestyle, we’ll recommend modifications to their daily life, which will result in weight loss. Since weight management plans are unique to each dog/cat, we’ll make recommendations specific to each case. However, some strategies to your cat or dog’s weight loss plan may include: 

  • Exercise 
  • Prescription diet 
  • Scheduled meal times 
  • Healthy treats 
  • Smaller portions
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