Pre-Appointment Questionnaire

We are asking our clients to fill in ALL fields to the best of their ability in an effort to reduce time at the clinic and limit contact with the veterinarian and team members. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Please provide details below. What brand(s) of food do you feed your pet? Is it wet/dry food? 1 cup or can/day?

Are we authorized to give treats during the examination? *

This may include freeze-dried liver treats, squeeze cheeze or peanut butter.

Has there been any vomiting or diarrhea? *

We're looking for details such as how often, is there anything (ie. foam, green/yellow phlem) coming up, how long have they been coughing or sneezing (ie hours/days), are there any new scents/litter/dust in the house and if there's any other circumstance that you believe may have caused it.

**IMPORTANT** Let us know if your pet is intolerant to any type of handling or treatment. If they've experienced any type of aggression during a previous visit to a veterinarian, please indicate below.

The prevalence of ticks in southern Ontario is increasing yearly.

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